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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Easter Chocolate Card and Free Easter Paper

Hi everyone,
Look what I have been making!!!  If you have read my profile you will know that I have two children from my first marriage and my DH has five, although I cannot call them children as they range from 21 to 26 and all except one have partners, plus 3 grandchildren and don't get me started on the nieces and nephews.  So Easter and Christmas is very expensive in our house.  I decided this year to get anyone under 10 years of age an easter egg and make a chocolate card for all the others.  A bar of Galaxy is only £1.00 and making the card holder makes it special.  I only have 23 chocolate cards to make... LOL, perhaps buying Easter Eggs is looking more appealing. 

I have made a couple of variations, this was my first attempt but decided I just didn't have the time to colour in an image for everyone, so just went with design below for everyone else. Image is Molly Love from Stamp Fairy. 
I also have a male variation and will post up when I have some pictures. 

A view of the chocolate - I have not decorated the insides yet so nothing to show. 

I bought a reel of goregous ribbon from Costco a few months ago thinking it would be great for spring cards.

But I have struggled to find a paper to go with it, you would not believe the hours I have spent looking, so in the end I made my own - this is my first attempt at making backing paper - don't know if would interest any of you looking for a pastel Easter paper - if you would like a copy of it, I have it in a square format or A4 paper size - drop me an email and I will email you a copy. If I knew how to upload the original size for people to download I would do. Maybe someone can tell me.

I do have one special one that I am going to use for my DT post on Tuesday for Anything Goes Challenge Blog, so no peeking yet. 

I found the template for the card on the Scor-pal site and just adapted it to the size of my chocolate bar.
Hope you enjoy this, and believe it or not I have 23 bars of chocolate in my craft room and not broken into one of them.... not yet anyway. 



  1. Wowwwwwww Suzie!! Must be like a conveyor belt! And I still have to make my AG Easter one... hmmmm, late this time!

    These are absolutely fab, and I'm impressed that you didn't break into any of the choccie!
    Christine x

  2. Blimey, can't believe you haven't had a sneaky nibble at just one lol. These look great, fab idea, Gaynor x

  3. These are fabulous Suzie,a great idea

  4. Hi Suzie, What wonderful ideas as Easter presents and wow, you do have a lot to give out - your designs are wonderful and I loev the way the galaxy bars fit inside & great Easter paper too. I would much rather have a bar of galaxy than an egg too, so bet they go down really well! Hugs, Teresa x

  5. oh these are just brilliant Hun,super Easter presents,and love the papers,you have made,I have lots of CD's,and love making my own,papers,so easy too,do too,hugs Cherylxxxx

  6. Wow this is so beautiful and you have done a really fabulous work.Love the idea.Hugs Merethe

  7. These are wonderful gifts! Wonderful paper you used and love that ribbon too! ~hugs

  8. Wow Suzie first of all I am so impressed with your will power not to break into the chocolate!! Secondly the ribbon from Costco is so pretty, I have got ribbon from there in the past and its gorgeous!! Thirdly your chocolate cards are fab what a brilliant idea I'm sure the recipients will be delighted. Clever girl making your own backing paper too. Hugs Susan x

  9. They are fabulous Suzie :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  10. Hi sweetie this is just gorgeous...

    So loving the colours that you have chosen too...

    Have a fabulous weekend hugs Pops x x x

  11. Glad to know you're only human like the rest of us lol!!!

    1. Yes I don't understand a bar of chocolate has gone missing... cannot think what has happened to it. LOL


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