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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tim Holtz Distress Markers have Distressed me

Evening everyone,
I watched Tim's video on Distress Markers and thought hey they look cool, so on an impulse I bought the whole set, I think I did well on finding them online as they seem to be sold out everywhere.  Anyway they turned up on Saturday morning, excellent service from Art from the Heart.  I could not wait to try them, so watched his video again and started.  This was where I became distressed.  They did not blend, I tried all sorts of paper (he says on his video you can use any paper), coated paper, water colour paper, card, thin paper, thick paper, maybe I am thick...
I put them away and tried again the next day still no luck - I guess they only work on his speciality paper.  The problem seems to be is the colours are very intense and when you try to blend them with a water brush some colour moves with the brush but the initial colour you laid down does not fade or blend in any way shape or form. 
So I packaged them up tonight and they are on their way back to Art from the Heart tomorrow. 
I don't know if I was doing it wrong but I thought you should all know to try them in a craft shop if possible before spending money on them.  They did not work for me. 

Hugs from a sad Suzie

P.S.  Because of what I have been reading on other blogs people are not happy with the DI Markers, if you are in the UK and have bought over the internet from a UK site then you are allowed to return them within 7 days for a full refund, even if you have opened the packet and tried one or two of them.  I know this as a director of a large ecommerce business it is my job to know the law.  In fact if the company does not give or send you written (not email or on their web) terms and conditions of their refund policy you actually have 3 months and 7 days from receipt of goods, but I would not leave it more than 7 days - contact the seller and ask for a returns number, send the parcel recorded delivery too. 


  1. Suzi, I am just sick about this! OMG! Thanks for letting me know. I think I will cancel that order and just get the paper and try with the 1 I already have. Did you try his paper?

    Hugs, Dena

    1. Hi Dena, yes I was pretty sick too. I watched his video so many times and can only think it must be the paper, I ended up with holes in the paper I used. If I still have the paper I will take a picture tomorrow when the light is better and post it up.

  2. I don't know if this will be of any help to you but one card that is recommended to work with this product is the Centura Pearl card.... and that is to use the reverse side of the card and NOT the pearly side... I don't know where you are based but I get all my Centura Pearl card from Crafters Companion and the service is quick.
    They can be found at or for the USA

  3. Oh dear Suzie!
    I am glad I only ordered the Picket Fence pen.
    And that was just for the edges of paper.
    Its so depressing when you look forward to new things and they disappoint.
    I have found that Tim Holtz tends to make money on his "extra bits" that you have to have to make a product work,
    Hugs Chris x

  4. oh Hun sorry you had problems with the pens,did you try water card,or putting the pen onto an acrylic block,then take the colour off with a water pen,as that is how I use his distress inks,that way,I also use,the centura pearl card too,sorry you were disappointed Hun,hugs Cherylxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh NOOO Suzie..... As Art from the Heart is only a few miles away from me, I bought two sets of 12 pens a week or so ago - when they first came in!! (And I thought I'd been a bad girl buying two of the sets never mind the whole lot!) I haven't had time to get down to using them yet, so I'm really not happy to hear they're causing you problems! Mind you, I did buy them with water-colouring in mind - to put a bit of colour on a tile or acrylic block and paint with a water brush, so fingers crossed they'll work that way.... otherwise AFTH will be getting mine back too!! LOL! I'll let you know how I get on...
    Big hugs for a sad Suzie.
    Christine x

  6. Oh no Suzie I have ordered the whole set from Teddy Bo and they should be arriving this week! I don't use DI for colouring images but, like you, I have seen his videos and thought YES I need those!!

  7. I think they would work fine if you used a tile or acrylic block and just use them like water colours, but what is the point of that, we have the distress pads if we want to do that, I wanted to lay the colours down and then blend them with a water brush. Hope you all have better luck. He did state you could use any paper but this is just not true if you want to blend them. Anyway they have gone back.
    Suzie xx

  8. Hello Suzie,
    I was hoping to use these on the card with a water brush, I'm not brilliant with DI painting and was hoping this would make it easier for me, I've ordered 8 pens to start with but this is the second post I've seen where they have not worked :o(
    Oh well fingers crossed. Have a good weekend. Teresa x

  9. Oh, Suzie, I am just crushed... I read Dena's review, too. I, pretty much like all others, thought they would become my "small footprint" for DI coloring. I love my copics, don't get me wrong, but gosh I see all of the beautiful creations done up with the DIs and thought I would try my hand at it. I pre-ordered mine from Oozak and cannot find anything on their website regarding their return policy :/, so not sure if I can return them if I have the same experience as you or could just cancel the order and have a store credit, which would be the best outcome at this point, I guess. I am so perpelexed now :( The 90 I spent for them would have come in handy to continue building on my copic collection, KWIM? Oh, poo.

  10. Thanks for sharing your opinion Sue. I want to try it too! But then, since I'm not even good at colouring, why should I buy it? Thanks dear. Btw, I will blog about the award you given me soon. :D Thanks dear.

  11. I gave up waiting for the set and cancelled my order but have bought single colours instead. The main reasons for wanting them were for use as per his CHA demo and as a portable DI system. I have coloured a couple of images using them on an acrylic block which I don't mind. I tried direct pen to paper and wasn't happy but I am no expert. They do the job I want so am happy with mine. Just got to find the rest of the colours now.

  12. Phew! I'm so glad I saw this review before I invested in a set. I was just doing a bit of research and you've really helped me out, thank you so much!!

  13. Thanks for the review Suzie. I've just read about these in a craft magazine and went looking for them on the internet. Was going to order a complete set then I saw your blog. I think I'll give them a miss.

  14. I don't know if Bazzill cardstock is available there but these markers work beautifully and blend effortlessly on the bazzill heavyweight card shoppe paper in the color marshmallow. I too was getting frustrated with my less than spectacular results on the water color paper I had lying around. I happened to have just purchased a few sheets open stock from my local craft shop (Joanns) to use for making my card bases and I figured what the heck. SUCCESS! As long as you don't use too much water the paper holds up well

  15. If you use watercolor paper the markers work great. They blend nicely. They will work on any paper but they won't blend properly. If you use other than watercolor paper then us a craft paper or the type of hard plastic like the cover of a prescription bottle you can blend it that way and then paint. Hope this helps/

  16. I don't know if anyone will see this. It has been a few years since the last comment but I am curious if anyone has has issues with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Markers. I will say on contacting them Ranger has been very helpful, kind, quick and they stand behind their product. After replacing all my markers some of the writer ends work when they want to and also the tip from the writing end is loose on a number of them and comes out when you open them. I am just so frustrated. Curious to know what others think about them. Thanks. Sue

  17. I received my Tim Holtz Distress Markers today, only purchased one pk. Was very excited to have a play with them. However after using numerous different types of cardstock/paper was very disappointed with the finish as they would not blend. So started to search the internet for reviews and came across this one. If I'd have read them before would not have purchased. Anyway not one to give up went in search of other paper and came across my daughters old college art sketchbook, from a company called ' Pink Pig ' and the Markers worked brilliantly, blended really well. Just wait for it to dry before adding more colour. Very happy lady now ...

  18. Hi,I was so looking forward to my markers arriving. sadly I had not read this post before I ordered them. I am very frustrated with them and feel let down. they do NOT work on watercolour paper, even the best such as strathmore bristol and stonehenge, when you try to blend they rough up the paper.I have tried them on centura paper with no better success.I have also found the tips come out and one of them is decidedly short on ink.( did I get one of the returned ones ) All in all I am very dissapointed with them and am thankful that I only ordered 10 of them to try.


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