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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Squash Book and Cake Pops

Good Evening,
Wow where does the time go, my last post was 2 whole weeks ago and I have not even had time to visit your blogs, sorry blogging buddies and I also had to miss a challenge at Anything Goes, sorry girls.  My excuses... my husband's 50th birthday, being away for two weekends, baby minding in spare time and being busy at work. 

I had a lovely surpise today, Elaine sent me a thank you card for winning two of my pins, it is the most amazing card and made just for me, I make so many cards but have never had a handmade card back so this to me was wonderful and really made my day. Thank you so much Elaine for taking the time to make me this card and for the shout out on your blog. 

I also want to thank Susan for the shout out on her blog too, I cannot wait to see the cards she makes with the pins.  I also hope that Sonia receives her pins soon but they have to go all the way to Italy. 

A few of you might remember that on my last post I was getting ready for my husband's 50th surprise weekend away for 30 of us.  It was the most amazing weekend everyone enjoyed it, the venue an old pub, now a self catering venue for large groups is stunning see Mermaid Inn and even the weather was kind to us.  I have no pictures as I had left the card for my camera in my laptop, but there were many pictures taken I just need to get people to send them to me and I will pop a couple on. 

I would like to show you the card I gave David for his birthday

It only measures 4" x 4" - bit small you might say, but...

It is a Squash Book

I actually opens up to 16" so quite large and very hard to photograph. 

This is the first part, showing David when small and our first holiday together in Togago

This is the second part, showing David cooking at a family barbeque and us together just before going out on our work's Christmas Do. 

Today was my day off and I managed to finish a card for a DT challenge, the first card I have made in over 3 weeks and I wanted to try and make some Cake Pops as a trial run before my granddaughter's birthday at the end of August.

Sorry not the best picture in the world, for those who do not know Cake Pops are round bite size balls of cake on a lolly stick covered in chocolate. The cake balls were easy to make as I bought a silicone mould and just used my normal all in one cake recipe, covering the little *!!!** was another matter.  Not hard to do but major time consuming when I didn't have a lot of time.  They need coating twice to look ok, and you have to stand there twirling them round until they are nearly set so they don't drip chocolate down the sticks and onto the makeshift stand which I made out of a large box, so I guess these Cake Pops might be our secret as I think I will just make her some cup cakes with sprinkles and glitter like last year.  These are going into work tomorrow to be consumed by my staff :). 

Thanks for looking at my long post and for taking the time to visit me, especially as I have not been able to get round your blogs recently.


Suzie xxxx


  1. Hi Suzie, your creation is stunning:) David love it, I'm sure:)
    When arrive you fab pins I tell you immediately:)
    Next week I will go out of Italy for holidays, but my sweet dad will check the mail box every day for me :))
    Big hug dear creative friend,
    (Elaine is sooooo sweet:)

  2. What lovely cake pops. Spoiled comes to mind here, I bet hubby was over the moon! I do hope he had a lovely day, I also celebrated my 50th this year, heck of a milestone! Anyway, lovely to see you back. I hope you've had a good break. Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it.
    Big hugs Linda x

  3. Oh how rude of me. Suzie, I'm so sorry, I forgot to mention your creation.
    This is another gorgeous card and so special for this momentous day of days. A beautiful collection if memories. Regards Linda xx

  4. The card... AMAZING!!! The cake pops look sooo yummy!!! Cake is my favorite!!!


  5. Fabulous card Suzie...just looking at the cover makes me want to party.....and then what a lovely surprise on the inside. Oh and the cake pops look fantastic, so beautifully presented. hugs, Pat K.x

  6. What a Beautiful Card!!!Yummy cake Pops!!!TFS

  7. Love this! What a gorgeous design...amazing work. Those cake pops look amazing too! :)

  8. Hi Suzie,
    Glad you are o.k got a bit worried as you hadn't posted.
    Cake pops are fab.
    Chris x

  9. Hi Suzie, those cake pops look stunning...

    The book card for your hubby is wonferful too.. Is there a template for this? i have been trying to decide what to make my auntie for her 50th in December but just cant make my mind up, I think you have answered my prayers lol...

    Hugs Kelly

  10. so stunning your hubbys 5oth book and so pleased his birthday bash went your cake pops too, they look yummy :D

    xx coops xx

  11. Hi Suzie - love the card you made for your hubby - so intricate. Lovely pictures in it as well. I could just nibble one of your cake pops haven't had me lunch yet - glad you are back and thanks for the lovely comments about my dolls' house.

    Hugs Sue P xxx

  12. Wow Suzie! This card is beautiful really amazing work :) and those cake pops look yummie!
    Gr. Samantha

  13. What a fabulous card Suzie a bit of an Aladdin's Cave! The cake pops look so professional! And very yummy!! x

  14. hi... pretty gorgeous yummy and delightful card...

  15. Hi Suzie,arrived this morning your fabulous pins:) Thanks a lot:)
    I wrote a post with all my wins:)
    Big big big hug,

  16. Hi Suzie

    What a fabulous keepsake for your hubbie..... bet he loved it!

    And oooh to those fab cake pops.... my daughter has been busy making them.... they've swept America - and of course, as she's close to there, she's been enjoying making them. Her favourite is the red velvet cake inside them she tells me! I've helped to make some tags for the sticks... well, it was a little help, wasn't it?? lol

    Christine x

  17. Hi Suzie , oh thank you for writing about me , you are so welcome sweetie as I love my pins.
    The card you made for David is amazing, how fabulous, and what a beautiful photo of you both at the end of the card , its gorgeous. I am so glad the weekend went well for you at The Mermaid Inn.
    I have never heard of cake pops before but how wonderful and yours look fabulous, wow you are a busy bee with all the babysitting etc. take care
    Hugs Elaine

  18. What a fabulous and totally personal squash book this is, your DH must be so pleased with it! And your cake pops look delish! They're so much fun to make! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, hugs, Ira


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