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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Last Candy for leaving me a comment

Just a really quick post to say sorry I have been a bad blogging friend and not had chance to visit your blogs, life is very hetic at the moment. Life should slow down a little in a couple of weeks. 

This week is the last week of my pins - and I am going to draw the winner next Wednesday, below is the picture of the grand prize. Link to original post here.

Also for two people who left me a comment I will give two of the pins below.  I will add the comments up from the candy posts and put them in one of those random number thingies.  I was really pleased how these pins turned out :) - they look lovely in the flesh.

Hope you all have a great day and I am in tonight so should get around all your blogs for a nosey. 

Suzie xx


  1. Oh sweet Suzie,you are very generous :)
    All bloggers have very busy moments...don't worry :)
    Your new pins...all the pins are amazing!!!
    Finger crossed to win these :)
    Big big hug,

  2. Hi Suzie, your pins are wonderful.. So so pretty..
    Thank you again for the chance of winning these..

    hugs kelly

  3. Great work Suzie - that's a lot of pins! I love them and think you have done a beautiful job :)

  4. hi...!!! wow what what a stunning creation...!!! my gosh... so adorable...i must admit that .. the gorgeousness in your creations is co of your generous nature... and that's for sure...oh i'm fingers crossed... the first picture is very fascinating and the later one is highly Victorian...cant take off my eyes ...thankyou very much for the small request pls forgive all bloggers... :)
    hugs 2 u ...n kisses for your magical hands...

  5. The pins are stunning Suzie I love them all! Thanks for the chance x

  6. Hi Suzie - your pins are truly amazing and I would like to thank you so much for giving us the chance of winning some of them. No need to apologise for not blogging every day - you seem to have a very full life!! I only wish I could do a blog - I haven't a clue where to start LOL.

    Hugs Sue P xx

    1. Email me sue - I will set one up for you - so easy.

  7. Beautiful pins and I love to add these to my special cards xx

  8. My goodness - all of your pins are so beautiful, and it is so generous of you to give some away - someone is going to be very lucky.
    Love, Andrea xx

  9. Your pins are sensational Suzie, how gorgeous do they look , If I could make pins like that, I would sit and look at them all day you are so talented and so generous , thank you for the chance . Hugs Elaine

  10. Gorgeous pins Suzie. You are so talented and very sweet. hugs Pat K.x


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