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Friday, 6 July 2012

Please find Chris Brahney

Hello everyone,
My son, our dog and I have spent the morning in torrential rain (we have forecast one month's rain in a weekend) joining a search looking for Chris Brahney, he is a 22 year old boy who has gone missing after a Stone Roses gig at Heaton Park, Manchester last Friday, he lost his mobile phone and also got separted from his friends, then got on the wrong bus and ended up a few miles away, the last time he was seen it was midnight and he was trying to get back to Heaton Park to find his way home. 

There is a Facebook page!/groups/275750745866192/

His poor parents - I cannot image what they must be going through - he is the same age as my youngest son and it really brings it home to you, my other son was at the same gig and said the organisation was terrible and there was no lighting after the concert. 

It will be a week tonight, according to one of his friends I spoke to he was in no trouble at home or at work, and not the sort of boy not to contact his parents or put them to needless worry. 

So this post to just to draw awareness on the off chance he ended up the other side of the country, I cannot see it but all avenues must be pursued. 

Suzie xx


  1. My heart goes out to his poor parents, I really hope he is found safe and sound very soon x

  2. Thoughts and wishes are with his parents.. Hope he is found safe and sound soon..

    Hugs Kelly

  3. My prayers will be going out to him and his family... you are an angel for being out there helping them all.


  4. Oh how kind you are Suzie... I hope he is found safe and sound soon..
    I prey for him and parents.
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Suzie - we will be thinking of Chris and his parents. We hope he will be home soon. You are so kind to be helping.

    Hugs Sue P xx

  6. I have had this on Facebook too..... what his parents must be going through... a worst nightmare. Hope he is found soon.

    Christine x

  7. It must be awful for his family , You are so kind to help this way , I do hope they find him well Hugs Elaine

  8. My heart goes out to the family and I hope he is found safe and sound. hugs, Pat K.x

  9. oh gosh My heart goes out to the family,and really hope he is found safe and well,hugs Cherylxxxx


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